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Vogue France slammed for double standard against Muslim women 🧕🏽

Here is your weekly re-cap of this week’s #MuslimNews.
🚨 Spoiler Alert: It’s a whole lotta’ hijab policing & double standards.

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Are headscarves only acceptable in France when it’s not worn by Muslim women..?🧕

Recently, @voguefrance praised a model for wearing a headscarf on Instagram saying “Yes to the headscarf!”

Meanwhile, Muslim women are continuously being targeted with hijab bans & discrimination
🧕🏽 VOGUE SCANDAL: Are headscarves only acceptable in France when it’s not worn by Muslim women..? 🧕
Recently, @voguefrance praised model @juliafox for wearing a headscarf in Paris, with an Instagram caption saying “Yes to the headscarf!”
Meanwhile, Muslim women are continuously being targeted with hijab bans, headscarf policing & discrimination in France.
People flooded @voguefrance’s Instagram post with comments pointing out the double standard.
🐷 BOAR’S HEAD!?: In Toulouse, France a dead boar was hung on a panel overnight from Monday to Sunday, in the parking lot of a small shopping center which has Muslim funeral directors. Its owner denounces an Islamophobic act and announces that he wants to file a complaint.
🙇🏽‍♂️ #SAVERAYAN: Rescuers race to save boy stuck down a 100 feet well (30 meters) for three days in Morocco.
The child fell into the well Tuesday afternoon and was discovered after he was heard crying, his mother said in an interview with Al-Aoula two days later. She said he was playing in a nearby area before disappearing for a brief time, and that she was quick to call authorities after hearing him.
The Arabic hashtag #SaveRayan has going viral across North Africa, as the desperate mission continues.
🎥 #MYMUSLIMFILM: This week, Muslim filmmakers are responding to harmful depictions of Muslims on screen with the hashtag #MyMuslimFilm, sharing an abundance of incredible and nuanced films from Muslim creators. This comes after Sundance aired an Islamophobic film titled “Jihad Rehab”
🧕🏽 #WorldHijabDay took place Feb. 1 and users went on social to share their hijab stories.
Kanye’s Paris Fashion Week mask violates France’s niqab ban. So where exactly is his fine?
“Muslim women like me are policed and fined for wanting to wear modest clothing, but apparently it’s a different story if you’re the rich, famous, male Ye”
Author Hafsa Lodi wrote an Op-Ed for The Independent on the double standards of hijab policing in France. Give it a read here.
No, this is not the FBI watch list – this is for us, the Muslim community. The theme of this week’s watch list is “F the French” 🇫🇷
🚨 French channel slammed for ‘insulting and dishonest’ report on Muslims
“Working in cahoots with the state, French journalists are accused of indulging in anti-Muslim propaganda in the run-up to the country’s presidential elections.
According to critics, French journalists, in coordination with the country’s intelligence services, have produced a documentary targeting Muslims in the country.
Aired on Sunday evening, M6, a local French channel broadcast a report on its program "Forbidden Zone” titled: “Faced with the danger of radical Islam, the responses of the State”.
One of the Muslims featured in the film, a young woman, Lilia Bouziane, said she was the victim of manipulation.“ (Via TRT World) READ FULL STORY HERE
60 days until Ramadan. May we all live to experience the holy month. Ameen. 🤲🏽
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