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Bella Hadid regrets not being able to grow up in a "Muslim culture"

Here is your weekly re-cap of this week’s #MuslimNews.
🚨 Spoiler Alert: It’s a whole lotta’ “WTF”.

What do New Yorkers Think About the Hijab Ban in France? | MUSLIM
What do New Yorkers Think About the Hijab Ban in France? | MUSLIM
Supermodel Bella Hadid opens up about losing jobs for talking about Palestine. 🇵🇸
☝🏽 BELLA HADID TELLS ALL: Supermodel Bella Hadid opens up about how she lost opportunities and friends for speaking about Palestine. In a recent interview with GQ, she opens up about how her biggest regret is not growing up around more Muslims.
🧕🏽 TWITTER FINGERS: Saudi woman given 34-year prison sentence for using Twitter.
Salma al-Shehab, 34, a mother of two young children, was initially sentenced to serve three years in prison for the “crime” of using an internet website to “cause public unrest and destabilise civil and national security”.
But an appeals court on Monday handed down the new sentence – 34 years in prison followed by a 34-year travel ban – after a public prosecutor asked the court to consider other alleged crimes.
Her offense was re-tweeting pro-democracy Saudi feminists to her 2.5k followers on Twitter.
🇹🇷 🤝 🇮🇱 GENOCIDE WATCH: Israel and Türkiye are restoring “full diplomatic relations”. The two countries will now trade ambassadors.
👿 SHIA GENOCIDE: Albuquerque killer targeted Shia Muslim victims. All four slain men were Shia Muslims.
The New York Times cited a local Muslim leader as saying that authorities told him that the alleged killer targeted the victims “because he was angry over his daughter marrying a Shiite Muslim.”
The Albuquerque Police Department has arrested the suspected attacker in the killing of two Muslim men in New Mexico, identifying him as 51-year-old Muhammad Syed.
🧐 MOSQUE BREAK-IN: Masked intruders broke into mosque and threw rocks at Muslims in Paterson, New Jersey.
The suspects broke into the Islamic Congregation of North Jersey in Paterson Monday evening and pelted people with rocks as they were praying.
No, this is not the FBI watch list – this is for us, the Muslim community.
🚨 A study has found that 37% of Quebecers hold “cold feelings” towards Muslim Canadians.
Bloc Québécois and Conservative voters, men over the age of 55 and Quebecers are most inclined to feel cold towards Canadians who are Muslim.
May Allah SWT grant you a peace of mind.
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